Full House, Fuller House, Unaffordable House

I bet you’re wondering what a screen grab from Full House has in common with a random picture of construction? And if you guessed my first DIY project, then you hit the nail on the head!

I chose to alter a a screen-grab from the opening credits of the popular TV show Full House (pictured below) because it is iconic imagery of a neighborhood in San Francisco. I found the photo after searching ‘Full House opening’ on Google. The image is the work of J. Bruce Nielsen; the Cinematographer on  Full House.


I then decided to add the construction of a condo building over one of the existing row houses. I cut out the condo/commercial construction from an image (pictured below) by journalist Mark Boyer of YoChicago!

I chose to essentially merge the two photos to showcase the commercial construction going on in a neighborhood. The construction alludes to the gentrification that is currently underway in many American neighborhoods, especially areas where people of a lower socio-economic status reside.


The finishing touch I put on the photo was to cut out the text ‘Unaffordable House’ in the Full House font over the newly altered photo. The text came from this video (screen-grab below) that was initially altered by Al Jazeera+. The text that I added to my manipulated photo is a play on Full House‘s opening sequence. It conveys the message that because of the construction of condos, like the one I edited into the first photo, the price of housing in a particular area rises making housing unaffordable for some.


The final image (picture below) is a commentary on how gentrification changes neighborhoods and how that change can be negative. The familiarity of the Full House opening is tweaked and somewhat strange; just like gentrification or the development or luxury condos in residential areas can throw off the balance of familiarity of a neighborhood.

Essentially the new photo tells a story of a familiar neighborhood that is changing aesthetically and economically because of gentrification.


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